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About Us
The Postgraduate/Continuing Education Program (PGCE) sponsors and cosponsors many types of programs. PGCE offers regional, statewide, and a limited number of national and international seminars, workshops, certificate programs, and residency programs to advance pharmaceutical care knowledge and skills. The PGCE Program predominantly partners with the nine regional Area Health Education Centers and the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists to assist the state’s pharmacists in advancing their practices.
Friendly Reminder:   
Sixty-day submission rule enabled May 1, 2014: Providers have 60 days post the CPE activity participation date to upload the participant credit into CPE Monitor.  To date this functionality was disabled until providers and learners may get used to using the CPE Monitor service.  Since all providers are using the CPE Monitor system, ACPE will enable the 60-day submission rule May 1, 2014.  Many of you have already established your workflow systems to accommodate this rule.  What does this mean?
  • For Live CPE Activities: The provider must upload the participant information 60 days from the date the participant completed the CPE activity. This date must be identical to the live date listed in the CPE activity in the ACPE Provider Web Tool.
  • For Home Study CPE Activities: The provider must upload the participant information 60 days from the date the participant completed the CPE activity.  The date of participation must be between the initial release date and the expiration date of the Home Study CPE activity that is listed in the ACPE Provider Web Tool. If the participant completes the enduring (home study) activity on the date of expiration, the provider will have 60 days post-expiration date to upload the participant information.
  • CPE Activities Credit: Once the particpiant's information is entered, credit will be uploaded to CPE Monitor.  You (the participant) should check your CPE Monitor account a few days after to assure your credit uploaded.
  • The providers should inform and educate the participants of their CPE activities of this rule.  If there are circumstances that providers may not be able to meet this rule, please contact  with the issue.  If providers have questions about this rule, please contact
If you need to print out a certificate CLICK on View/Print CE Credit.
CE Catalog  
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Programs Date Hours Flyer
Recent Developments in Internal Medicine 10/20/2016 - 10/22/2016 17.15 N.A.
Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery Certificate Program 10/23/2016 20.00 Flyer
22nd Annual Eastern Regional Cardiovascular Conference 2016 Advanced Cardiac Disease: Partnering with the Patient for the Journey 10/26/2016 7.00 Flyer
Vaccines Part 1: A Review of Vaccination and Taking a Shot at Difficult Conversations 10/27/2016 1.00 Flyer
Limiting Your Risk When Prescribing and Dispensing Opiates 10/27/2016 3.00 N.A.
Personalized Medicine: New Era of the Pharmacist and Pharmacogenomics 10/27/2016 2.00 Flyer
Management of Asthma and COPD (Second in the MTM Series) 10/27/2016 2.00 Flyer
Adult Mental Health First Aid 11/03/2016 8.00 Flyer
New Drugs and Pharmacy Law 11/03/2016 6.00 Flyer
The 2016 Diabetes Summit 11/04/2016 7.00 Flyer
2016 NCAP Annual Convention 11/04/2016 12.75 N.A.
2016 Epilepsy Symposium: Traditional & Integrative Approaches to Seizures 11/05/2016 5.00 N.A.
Drug Diversion with Det. Shelia Valdez: Don’t Be Scammed! 11/08/2016 2.00 Flyer
Pharmacy-Based Immunization Updates 11/13/2016 3.00 Flyer
Resident Pharmacotherapy Symposium Series: Acute and Chronic Methotrexate Toxicity 11/14/2016 1.00 Flyer
Updates on Pain Management 11/15/2016 2.00 Flyer
2016 Pharmacy Update: The Year In Review 11/17/2016 6.00 Flyer
Year-End Pharmacist Update #2- 2016 12/10/2016 3.00 N.A.
Pediatric Vaccinations: The Potential of New Vaccines for Improving US and Global Health 12/13/2016 2.00 Flyer
SBIRT: Train the Trainer (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) 12/14/2016 7.25 Flyer
The 19th Annual Procrastinator's Marathon: Updates in Infectious Diseases 12/15/2016 6.00 Flyer
Pharmacy Forum: Law, Drugs and MTM 12/16/2016 7.00 Flyer